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If This Jacket Could Talk...
It Would Say...      
"I know that to you, I may seem old. Well, I was officially adopted in 1933, which to many people is ancient history. I hear the groans from students when advisors say “Everyone is to be in official dress.” Maybe that’s because you don’t really understand me. I am more than just a mass of blue corduroy, gold emblems, zippers, and buttons. Before you put me on, take a minute to consider what I really am:

1. A living legacy that started with 33 young men in 1928 and has grown to over ½ a million students across the USA.

2. You’re wearing an emblem of the #1 industry in the world—Agriculture.

3. You’re wearing a uniform that is recognized by business people who operate our farms, main street business, and Fortune 500 companies on Wall Street.

4. You’re wearing opportunity!

5. You’re wearing an advertisement of yourself, your school, community, state, and country.

So when you put me on, either you wear me with pride and try to represent all that I stand for, or don’t wear me at all."

FFA Jacket

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